Insuring stored possessions

Some people think that putting their possessions into storage means that they do not have to think about them again, but insuring your prized belongings is just as important when they are stored in a remote location as it is when they are in your home. In the great majority of instances, your renters or homeowners insurance policy may well offer some degree of protection for items you have placed in a storage facility; however, the insurance of the storage facility, which should incorporate any damage that happens to the facility itself, is unlikely to extend to the belongings or business items that you have stored there. 

Tenant insurance is usually offered for a small extra monthly fee in combination with the standard monthly storage charge. This is a very small investment that nonetheless comes with a number of crucial benefits.  For one thing, you might be able to save a fair amount of money when it comes to insuring your belongings by going with a storage facility policy.  This also means that insurance claims go through the insurance company of the facility instead of your own personal insurance company, and will therefore not impact on your premium.

A number of tenant insurance policies will also include possessions that are damaged during transport, which might not be the case with your normal insurance policy.  Even business owners, who are already likely to have insurance covering the items being stored can gain good supplemental coverage using this method.