Innovation in green packing materials

You may be on the lookout for greener, more environmentally-friendly packing materials. A house move can increase your carbon footprint dramatically and it is so much better if you can opt for greener packing materials. In recent year there has been a lot of research and development in this respect, with a number of new products being created from natural materials to create the greener packaging you are looking for.

You may not think that mushrooms are going to be much use when you are packing for a house move but technology exists that combines mushroom roots with agricultural crop waste to create completely biodegradable packaging blocks. These blocks can be composted after you use them for your move and will break down in a maximum of nine months, removing any concerns about the environment.

Bamboo is something that is increasingly popular these days and it is being used to provide packing materials for companies such as computer manufacturers. It is only a matter of time before bamboo is used to mass produce materials that can be used in a house move.

You might not have heard of Geami paper but this is a material that is fully recyclable and can be used in place of bubble wrap. It is ideal as a cushioning material and is much better for the environment than the plastic wrap that most people use.