Information on military moving benefits

There are a number of benefits provided for military families being forced to move by the military.  Among these military benefits are basic allowances for housing (BAH), basic relocation entitlements, and discounts on moving services.  It is crucial to be aware of all the military benefits that you are entitled to before you start to look for a moving company, as this awareness will ultimately make the military relocation process a good deal easier to cope with.

Military relocation benefits are provided by the military because a lot of military families will have to move so often that it would otherwise become something of a financial burden.  A number of moving services offer discount benefits on moving expenses, while others also provide military benefits such as packing materials and services. You should make an inquiry with your chosen moving company before your military move to make sure you are making the most of your military entitlements and benefits.

Military families that move due to military reasons are given a BAH rate that provides them with a specific amount of money for relocation; this money can prove to be very useful, as for many it will be all the money they have spare for the acquisition of housing.  It is unsurprising therefore that BAH rates are widely regarded as one of the most vital military moving benefits families can receive. Military moving benefits vary between members, so discuss the details with your supervisor before making any arrangements.