What to Include in an Employee Relocation Packet

What to Include in an Employee Relocation Packet

The day has finally come and you have landed one of the best job offers from a company paying you to move across the country to begin working in their office. The move requires quite a bit of planning, as the new location is over 50 miles away from your current home. Along with leaving behind plenty of good friends, family, workmates, and your stuff, the lifestyle you have become accustomed to will change drastically. In order to make this entire endeavor worthwhile, the company in question needs to offer a worthy employee relocation packet.

Depending on the company in question, the employee relocation packet should cover all the information a new employee will require relating to the area. After all, there are a lot of logistics to be taken care of when it comes to moving across the country or state.

Your Packet Should Include

  • Childcare Assistance – For those employees who take care of their children, a new job can be daunting in terms of scheduling. The hiring company should provide a comprehensive list of day care providers within the immediate area and even potential reimbursement for any situation deemed special or irregular.
  • Elder Care Assistance – Much like caring for children, caring for the elderly requires dedicated time, money, and energy that many workers will attempt to balance with their office roles. An employee relocation packet should have a list of nursing homes or at-home care professionals to alleviate some of the tension and pressure on the new hire.
  • Transportation – Of course, moving to an entirely new city – let alone an entirely new country – requires transportation – boat, plane, or train. This should be fully reimbursed by the company in order for the new employee to arrive safely and on time.
  • Home Buying – If the move in question is a long-term event, purchasing a home within the new city will be vital to anyone’s success. A trip through the city beforehand to locate potential homes for sale should come before the actual move. Storage may be required before a home has been acquired.

A Few Questions HR Should Cover

The employee will most likely have a few questions they would like to go over before the move is underway, as this will be an extremely hectic, stress-filled time for them. The human resources department should handle any and all questions fluently and before a problem may arise.

Some questions that should be answered include:

  • How long will the move require?
  • What the office environment is like?
  • What attractions/entertainment are in the city?
  • How are the local school systems?
  • Will a realtor be contacted by the company?
  • Will the mover be offered a lump sum payment or reimbursement for all items?

The human resources department will be the first stop for most new employees who are moving cross-country to take on a new role with a new company. These individuals should be personable, helpful, and have all the answers one may require.

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