Improve your military move

Improve your military move

Every military family has to move sooner or later, and whether you are enthused or depressed about the change there are things that you can do before the move in order to improve the overall experience.  It can make all the difference to be aware of all the regulations surrounding relocation and being able to plan accordingly.

One thing that you need to do is to figure out your entitlement.  One part of your entitlement is the absolute maximum weight that you are allowed to move at the expense of the government.  This is a pre-determined amount that is based on your own personal rank and situation.  If you end up going over this amount then you will have to pay for all charges that are connected with relocating the excess weight.

You also need to work out the kind of items that you will and will not be allowed to take in the first place.  ‘Household goods’ is a term that refers to any of your property and personal effects, including the likes of spare parts for your car and even a snowmobile.  As long as all your household goods come in under the weight allowance you will be able to have them moved at no further cost.

Some items, such as boats, may not be classified as household goods and you will have to foot at least some of the bill if you want them to be moved with you.  Local ordinances or carrier restrictions may also prevent the relocation of some items.

Rick Wozniak