Impress Your Date This Valentine’s Day with Thes …

Impress Your Date This Valentine’s Day with Thes …

To some, Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday filled with over-priced flower arrangements, over-sized teddy bears, and over-crowded restaurants. But to you, it’s a day of celebration; a day to celebrate a relationship; to celebrate self-love; to celebrate friendships; to celebrate everything that makes your heart beat a little bit faster. And as you already know, a chic and flirty interior is a must. So whether you’re taking yourself on a date or having someone lucky take you out, turn your interior into Cupid’s paradise with these decorating tips for Valentine’s Day.

February Is the Month for An Interior Full of Fresh Flowers

Come February, you simply can’t go wrong with an abundance of fresh flowers filling your interior. This is the perfect decorating idea for Valentine’s Day for anyone who doesn’t want their home to look too specific to the holiday. However, to make sure your home doesn’t look like a greenhouse instead, stick with fresh flowers in various tones of pink and red.

To further increase the aesthetics of your Valentine’s Day interior, stage your flower arrangements in different areas and vases around the home. From cascading bouquets to statement centerpieces, peonies, carnations, and orchids, there’s no shortage of options.

Add A Frame Around Your Favorite Love Letter or Quote

People are always coming up with new things to call ‘art’, with one of them being nothing more than a frame around carefully selected words. This art form adds a personal touch to your interior that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, depending on the quote or love letter you choose.

You have the choice of buying these art pieces already put together or you can channel your inner creativity and make your own. All you need is a printer, a favorite quote or love letter and a nice frame.

Throw in A Lovely Accent of Heart-Shaped Pillows

If you were to think back to your childhood bedroom, you would probably see plenty of pink fluffy pillows complimenting your sequin-lined duvet. Fortunately, this Valentine’s Day decorating idea is far from being as cringe-worthy or immature.

Instead of turning your entire interior into a theme that looks like a Katy Perry music video, focus on accent pieces such as throw pillows.

Heart-shaped pillows can be the perfect and easiest way to decorate your Valentine’s Day space. Rosette-studded, pink, reds, polka dots – you name it. Use them to add fun patterns, splashes of color and a lovely theme into your interior.

Add A Splash of Valentine’s Day Appeal with Pink and Red Textiles

Throw pillows aren’t the only accent pieces you can use to create a Valentine’s Day interior that would make Cupid proud. Simply swap out your standard pillows, blankets, photo frames, table clothes, linens and other home décor items for versions in red or pink.

With this decorating idea, your interior won’t be filled with cliché hearts or Hallmark holiday decorations but it will still resemble the fabulousness of February 14th. The splash of color will also rejuvenate the space and turn the dark and dreary month into a fresh and invigorating space.

This Valentine’s Day, bring the love back into your interior. These ideas are just as simple as they chic, and they’ll help you steer clear of clichés. Your home can be themed for the special day without being bombarded with hearts, frills and x’s and o’s.