Important steps when planning an office move

Important steps when planning an office move

Planning an office relocation is always going to be a difficult time for any business.  One part of the move that often gets neglected until almost the last moment is IT, but the reality is that this aspect of the move needs just as much attention as anything else in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

All phone and internet services for your new office need to be ordered a minimum of four weeks before the relocation.  It is also a good idea to make sure that the internet connection in your new office has been tested prior to you moving in.  There is little worse than moving in to your new office believing that everything is ready for you only to discover that the internet connection is not functioning.  Your IT provider can go to the site of your new office and test the connection with a laptop and router prior to the move.

It is vital to get your IT provider involved as soon as possible when changing internet connections.  Sometimes moving an internet connection is not as simple as just flicking a switch; remote access, inter-office connectivity and emails can all be disrupted.

If your business has its own email server, you will need to offer your IT provider a 48-hour window at least.  During this time you will be unable to receive emails, as your new internet connection address takes some time to be able to update across the internet.  The weekend would often be the best time to do this.

Gene Salaz