Imperial Oil moves Calgary office away from downto …

Imperial Oil moves Calgary office away from downto …

Imperial Oil announced on Friday that it is intending to shift its offices in downtown Calgary into a campus-styled office complex located in the southeast of the city.   The move is being made in order to support and consolidate its expanding operations.

The complex is to be situated on a 20-acre site in Quarry Park and is set to bring together Imperial Oil staff members from a number of office locations in downtown Calgary.   It is set to feature five low rise office buildings that have a total of 800,000 square feet of office space, food service, wellness center, support facilities and other amenities for employees, Imperial Oil says.

“Imperial has embarked on a decade-long period of substantial growth and expansion,” says Imperial Oil’s senior vice-president of administration and finance, Paul Masschelin.   “This new campus will provide an opportunity to consolidate our Calgary offices in one location, offer additional space for our growing workforce and provide a superior working environment for our people.” Masschelin went on to say that the complex is to be built to very high standards of environmental stewardship and energy efficiency and will help to promote brand new opportunities for employees to collaborate in the course of their daily work.

The relocation of employees will take place in two phases, starting in 2014, with full occupancy expected to be complete by 2016 at the latest.   The location at Quarry Park has the capacity to hold 3,000 employees.

Lance Grooms