I’m Moving. What Should I Do First?

I’m Moving. What Should I Do First?

You’ve just signed on the dotted line and you’re officially the owner of a new home. Congratulations! It’s an extremely exciting time in your life, but it’s incredibly important to never let the excitement override the responsibilities that come with a move. After all, getting so excited that you completely forget to transfer the utilities or hire a moving truck in time is one surefire way to put a damper on the big day. So, as you’re celebrating this major milestone in your life, don’t forget to take a little bit of time to complete these tasks.

Learn the New Address with the Whole Family

As an adult, you can quickly memorize your new address just by reciting it a couple times. However, it’s a little more difficult for children, and you’ll need to start this process as soon as possible.

You want your children to know their address before it becomes their address to ensure their safety. It could potentially save them some real hassle one day. So, start reciting and teaching the little ones in your family the address of the place you’ll soon be calling home.

Update your Friend’s with the New Address

Once everyone in your household knows the new address, you can update your friends and family. After all, everyone will be eager to come over and see your new investment.

Providing your loved ones with your address is also an excellent safety precaution in case of an emergency. Just because your sister-in-law knows how to drive to your house doesn’t necessarily mean she can direct emergency services to your house if needed. Always update your social circle with the actual address.

Change your Current Address

Speaking of the address, you’ll also need to notify several companies of the change. Fortunately, with the decline in physical mail, this can be a relatively easy task. For the most part, you can sign into your online accounts for your bank, car insurance and other services, or simply send them an email to update your address. For the things you may have missed or forgotten, simply contact your local postal service and set up an automatic transfer for all mail to be directed to your new home.

Transfer the Utilities

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new home with a fully loaded moving truck, and no electricity. Moving in the pitch dark is not an easy task. Make sure you contact your utility providers of your new home and have it fully powered upon your arrival. Remember to also think beyond the electricity. Everything from the water, internet, telephone, cable, gas, etc. need to be updated and transferred.

Change the Locks

When you purchase a new home, you get the keys to the locks on the door. Unfortunately, you have no idea how long those locks have been on the door and more importantly, how many people have spare keys to the doors. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to purchase new locks for all entry doors to ensure your new home is secure. Additionally, you may want to have spare keys cut in case of an emergency.

Schedule a Moving Truck and Movers

As soon as you know which day you’ll be moving, schedule a moving truck and movers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these things get booked up, especially near the end of the month when people tend to do their moving. To ensure you can get the moving truck in the size you want, along with the number of movers you’ll need, hire and schedule both services as soon as possible. There’s even options to hire packers to make your life a lot easier and do the packing for you.

As soon as these tasks are completed, your home will be ready for your arrival.