How to survive moving back home

How to survive moving back home

More and more young adults are living with their parents in this day and age; many have never left home, while others have been forced to return to the family nest due to job losses and various other financial issues.  Moving back home as an adult can be particularly challenging, but there are some tips to help you to survive the experience.

Setting boundaries early on is very important.  The chances are that your parents are going to treat you in exactly same way they did when you lived there the first time, which can be fairly irritating for a fully-grown offspring.  You need to establish that you are now an adult and relate to them in this fashion.

Even if you are saving up so that you can move out again, you still need to set some money aside so that you can have a little fun each month.  This may take moving out again a little longer, but you are less likely to go crazy during the wait!  You need to work out the things that are really important to you, be it having your own space or cooking your own meals, and what you are willing to let slide for the sake of peace and harmony.

You do not have to waste time while waiting to move out again.  Use the time to improve yourself by exploring meditation, joining a gym and getting fit, or doing an evening class.