How to store your possessions

How to store your possessions

Storage and moving are really two sides of the same coin.  The chances are that if you are moving house, and especially if you are downsizing, you will end up having to put at least some of your possessions into storage.  Renting a storage facility is a relatively easy task, especially if the moving company handling your move also offers such facilities, but it is important to make sure that you choose the right company and then pack your facility in the correct manner.

When you decide on a storage facility it is a good idea to think about where it is located.  If you are likely to want to gain access to your items on a fairly frequent basis then choosing a storage facility that is situated near to your new home is a crucial factor.

You also need to think carefully about precisely how much space you will really require.  Storage facilities come in many different sizes and it is often the best idea to choose a small facility and then pack it to the brim rather than a larger one and then end up paying more for space that you end up not making use of.

You should make certain that you are aware of the times and manner in which you will be able to gain access to your particular storage facility.  Many facilities offer 24 hour access, but some charge fees or have restrictions.  It is important to know the rules upfront.  Full-service Storage options tend to work best for those who are looking for a hands-off solution.   Check your local reputatble movers to see which offer this type of full-service storage option.

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