How to store items

How to store items

Store ItemsPacking your possessions in the correct manner will not only save you time but also make certain that your belongings are kept in the best condition possible.  Use the specialist packing materials that can be found at your storage facility, which are likely to include everything from bubble wrap and high quality boxes to boxes for LCD and plasma television sets and port-a-robes.

If you are intending to put furniture into storage, you should not attempt to move drawers or wardrobes while they are full; this could result in serious damage – possibly to you as well as to the furniture!  Drawers and wardrobes should only be filled when they have been moved into position and completely assembled.

Personal goods and items of clothing should be placed in strong, secure cartons, while cushions should be wrapped in plastic.  If possible, the legs should be taken off items of furniture such as tables, and bed bases should be removed in order to save on space and prevent damage.  Lounge suites should be vacuumed before being placed in storage to remove crumbs and avoid attracting vermin.  Chairs should be stacked seat to seat with either cloth or paper to separate them.

If you are storing items that are breakable and that feature glass, precautions need to be taken.  Breakable items should be wrapped separately in packing paper or tissue in sturdy boxes marked ‘fragile’, while packing paper should be used to fill in any empty space in the boxes.