How to store garden tools

In order to sustain garden tools and make sure that they are able to stay in good condition for many years to come, the proper steps need to be taken to ensure that these metal tools do not accumulate rust and are able to maintain their durable nature.  How and where these tools are stored is something that can make all the difference, and whether you wish to clear out some space in your garage or simply need somewhere to be able to store gardening tools during the winter season, the fact remains that the use of a storage facility can be a most effective and useful solution to this problem.

The winter months can damage and significantly age your garden tools if they are cared for incorrectly.  Electric tools of any kinds, in particular, need to be attended to on a regular basis.  Smart storage can prevent you having to pay out for a brand new machine as winter weather or just the passage of time itself can very quickly cause tools that have not been properly taken care of to age badly.  Making use of a storage facility can also free up space in your garage during wintertime, which can be invaluable if you have a motor vehicle that will itself suffer if left outside in the elements because the garage is too full to put inside.

Before you begin putting garden tools into storage, there are a number of things that you should be aware of in terms of buying and looking after such items.  Time and money can be saved just by following a few simple tips.  One good tip is to not go for the cheapest items.  Stainless steel items do not rust and are well worth the extra money given that carbon steel and coated metal will inevitably rust over a period of time if they are exposed to humidity.  It is also a good idea to sharpen and oil tools on a regular basis as needed.  Tools should be dry and clean before they are oiled, while wooden handles which display evidence of wear and tear need to be sanded down and then rubbed with oil.

Wherever you store your garden tools, you should think about doing so in a mixture of oil and sand, as that can be used for several years.  The likes of hoes, pitchforks and shovels can all be stored in buckets in such a mixture, and can be made use of for years providing they are kept well away from rain.  Clean tools should be placed in an empty plastic container like a trashcan.  If you want to put larger machines such as big power tools and lawn mowers into storage then you should take care to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for doing so.  Hoses need to be drained before being put into storage.  A storage facility can be a terrific solution to free up space in your garage in the winter.