How to stay productive while moving an office

How to stay productive while moving an office

The thought of having to move your whole office, even if only to a different floor in the same building, is one that can be very daunting indeed.  This is perhaps unsurprising, given that moving a business or moving a home is generally considered to be among the most stressful experiences that life can throw at us.  When the prospect of losing valuable work time is added to the mix, many business owners simply throw up their hands and take moving day off.

The fact is that leaving your office entirely on the day of relocation and just letting professional movers take care of everything may not be a bad idea.  The big problem, of course, is how a business can stay productive while all of this disruptive activity is taking place.

One good tip when dealing with an office move is to anticipate downtime, even if you have no real reason to expect any.  The reality is that no matter how well organized you are, moving can be very unpredictable.  Just in case downtime does happen, make sure that you have notified associates, clients and friends that your availability might be limited for the next few days.

If you are making a really big move and have to stay in a hotel overnight or for several days, choose one with meeting rooms and wireless high speed internet that can function as a surrogate office for a while.

The best advice is to prepare for any eventualities and take nothing for granted.

Gene Salaz