How to save money while moving

Whether you are moving to another state or just across town, the fact is that the relocation process can be both difficult and expensive; unexpected costs can be the most frustrating of all.  The good news, however, is that expenses can be curbed and financial stress reduced just by using a little planning and preparation.

One good tip is to take a close look at your appliances.  If you are intending to make a move with your major appliances in tow, you will need to account for the cost of professional installation or servicing.  In some cases the expense of relocating old appliances that need repairing on a frequent basis may simply not be cost-effective.

It is also important to properly manage services and utilities.  Contact your cable, utility and phone providers in advance of the relocation in order to have a date set for these services to be discontinued at your current address; this ensures that you do not end up paying for these services even after you no longer live there.  You might also be required to cancel or transfer subscriptions of a different nature, such as periodicals, pool maintenance and gym memberships.

You should make sure that your insurance is in order.  Check that your home or renters and auto insurers are aware of your impending relocation in order for them to be able to adjust your transfer coverage or premiums accordingly.  Depending on where you are moving from and to, will determine which, if any, of these situations occur.  Nonetheless, be sure to speak with your Moving Consultant in regards to available Valuation Coverage options.