How to safely move a cactus plant

How to safely move a cactus plant

Moving an ordinary plant can often be a difficult process, and this difficulty will only increase when the plant concerned is a cactus.  It is a big decision to move home, and one that changes your life in a big way, but the transition is easier when much-loved items from your former home move with you.

It is quite understandable why many people want to take their plants with them when they move.  People find looking after plants soothing and relaxing; however, it is not an easy process to move a plant.  Plants are often quite fragile and in need of additional protection in order to avoid them being damaged and possibly even dying as a result of relocation.

In some instances, however, it is the people that move the plant who may also need protection, and this is certainly the case with a cactus.  That said, they are not as tough as they may appear and can break surprisingly easily, meaning that care is needed for both you and the plant when moving.

A couple of weeks prior to relocation you should transfer the cactus into a pot that has a wider diameter than that of its branches, protecting the fragile epidermis of the plant by using tongs wrapped in old and thick towels.  Once transplanted, treat the plant as normal until moving day, when a protective wrapping should be placed around the cactus with sticks 8 to 10 inches longer than the height of the cactus placed deep in the soil to create a protective paling.