How to put items into storage

Storage facilities offer a convenient method of storing belongings for either the domestic household or for businesses. Simply put, once you have rented a storage facility all you have to do is fill it up when and as you please, lock it up, and then return to it whenever you need to add anything new or access the items placed there.

If you are putting tools, bikes or any kind of metal equipment into storage for what is likely to be quite some time, it is a good idea to wipe them with an oily rag before you do so in order to prevent them from rusting. Garden equipment should also be cleaned before being placed into storage so as to prevent corrosion. Freezers and fridges should be completely defrosted and all appliances should be empty, dry and clean, with the doors wedged open to make sure that air can circulate. Plastic sheeting should be laid down on the floor of your storage facility. If the storage facility you have rented is quite large then a walkway should be left either in the middle or down the side to allow you to access items. Any valuables should be positioned toward the back of the facility, while the spaces and gaps that tend to appear with soft items such as bedding or small items need to be filled. Try to pack the facility to the ceiling by putting heavier belongings such as wardrobes and drawers on the floor and then stacking lighter and more fragile items on the top of them.