How to Properly Move Medical Equipment

How to Properly Move Medical Equipment

If you own a medical equipment company or are a medical provider, we don’t have to tell you how expensive it can be to move fragile medical devices and machinery. Medical equipment, especially those that require calibration, is extremely sensitive to movement and incredibly costly to fix and reset. You need a specialty mover who has specific experience in how to move medical equipment. Bekins Moving Solutions has professional movers on staff with experience and years of training in how to properly move medical equipment. We always urge our clients to hire professional movers rather than attempting a move by yourself with medical equipment. Here is what and how we properly move medical equipment.

What Constitutes Medical Equipment?

Medical equipment consists of imaging machines (MRI, PET, and CAT scanning systems), lab instruments, centrifuges, and other measuring devices. Some medical equipment is small and sensitive to moving, while large, bulky objects present a challenge in lifting and transport. Bekins Moving Solutions can use a variety of techniques and tools to move any type of medical equipment.

Assess the Equipment

Our moving strategy is customized according to what you need moved. There are some components that need special care. For example, if you are moving a large magnet for an MRI machine, you need the magnet to be monitored and kept in a temperature-controlled environment throughout your move. For machines that need to remain sterile or still, we know the proper packing and transport techniques to prevent contamination. We also are dedicated to preventing vibration and jarring that can have a large impact on the calibration of your machines.

Plan Ahead

Because medical equipment requires some special consideration, we urge you to talk with your moving coordinator as soon as possible. At Bekins Moving Solutions, we are happy to make special accommodations to get your medical equipment to your destination in optimal condition. If you can, contact us at least six to eight weeks prior to your move.

Follow Strict Protocol

Our movers know that when it comes to medical equipment, you need to follow your training to a “T”, and never stray from instruction. Failure to follow protocol can end up with damaged machinery that directly impacts people’s health. Inexperienced movers may not know the right things to look for when moving sensitive lab or testing equipment. We allow you to track your equipment from departure to arrival, so you always know where your machinery is at all times. When you hire the movers at Bekins Moving Solutions, you can rest assured that we will always take time, consideration, and particular care with your medical equipment.

If you are looking for professional to assist you with moving sensitive moving equipment, contact the professionals at Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 today.