How to Prevent Moving Injuries

How to Prevent Moving Injuries

Moving is a notoriously good workout. With lots of squatting, lifting, stretching, and straining, it is all too common to end the day with a sore back or injured muscle. If you don’t know proper lifting and moving techniques, the risk of suffering a severe injury is much higher. If you feel as though your muscles are not strong enough to move an entire home, don’t attempt to do it yourself. Instead, call professional movers who can quickly and efficiently move your home without you hurting yourself. Bekins Moving Solutions would like to provide you with information on how to prevent moving injuries as well as offer our help if needed.

Bend Your Knees

The most important thing to remember when lifting anything heavy during your move is to bend your knees. When you squat down with your knees bent, you use your leg muscles as opposed to your back. Your leg muscles will be much stronger and better able to lift heavy boxes and furniture while your back is more apt to pull.

Use the Right Tools

The most common cause of moving injuries is not using the right moving tools that are available. Take advantage of moving dollies, straps, and wear gloves with added grip. Having these tools can help prevent an injury by making the process easier.

Take Your Time

Move boxes slowly and don’t attempt to carry more than one at a time without the use of a dolly. Make sure not to carry boxes over your head or on your shoulder, but rather keep them centered on your midsection. Carrying at a slower pace will help your muscles adjust to the weight and also help you see any tripping or slipping hazards.

Keep It Clean

Keep the area where you will be walking clean and clear. Do not place boxes or packing material in the walking path. Keep food or drink that could spill out of the way and clean up any dropped food immediately to prevent a slip and fall.

Stretch It Out

Before and after your move, take some time to thoroughly stretch. Warming up your muscles before can minimize the risk of injury and help you stay less sore after moving day.

Ask for Help

If you feel like something is much too heavy for you, do not attempt to move it! Instead, contact a professional moving company to help. They have a whole team of expert movers who can get your entire home moved in a matter of hours instead of days.

If you would like assistance in moving your home, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call 877-594-1187 to get your completely free moving quote.