How to Prep Your Valuables Before Putting Them in …

How to Prep Your Valuables Before Putting Them in  …

How you prepare your valuables prior to placing them in storage will directly affect how they keep during the storing process. While it’s easy to assume that your stored items will remain in the same state as when they were initially placed in storage, failing to prep them properly can actually promote damage to occur. So, before packing up boxes and stacking storage containers in your storage unit, you’ll want to complete the following to ensure optimal storing conditions:

Make Minor Repairs

As you are gathering items to be placed in storage, give them a look over to see if any minor repairs are needed. Making small fixes, such as applying a fresh coat of paint or tightening screws can drastically improve how your items will keep while being stored.

Wash Everything

Nothing should be stored without first being washed or cleaned. Any dirt or debris sitting on the surface of your belongings can deteriorate the material and cause significant damage. So, whether it’s patio furniture, beach toys, seasonal tires or household belongings, make sure everything receives a decent once over before being placed in storage containers or in a storage unit.

Check for Moisture

Moisture is the root of all evil when it comes to storing your belongings. It can lead to mold and mildew which cause serious damage. Therefore, it’s imperative that you check all of your belongings for moisture prior to storing them to ensure optimal storage conditions.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Despite your important documents being safely stored away in a facility, you’ll want to have backups of everything. Instead of doubling the number of documents you have to find storage for, make digital copies of important documents and store them on USB sticks. Keep these sticks in a secured location, such as a safety deposit box, a safe in your home, a safe in your office, etc.

Use Proper Packing Materials

Although those free cardboard boxes sitting on the curb are tempting, it’s highly recommended to purchase quality moving materials. Something as simple as a rip in a cardboard box, a weakened bottom, or a crack in a storage container can result in your items being damaged while being stored.

However, this storage tip doesn’t just pertain to the types of containers you use to house your items while they’re in a storage unit. Everything from the materials you use to fill voids in the containers to the type of tape you use to secure the boxes should be designed specifically for packing, moving or storing.

Additionally, some of your items may require special packing materials, such as boxes with cushioned sides, reinforced bottoms, or materials designed to repel moisture and mildew which leads us into the next topic…

Research Whether Items Need Special Storing Conditions

In addition to special packing materials, some of your belongings may require special storing conditions. From electronics to antiques, artwork, motorized vehicles, photos and documents, one of the most crucial steps to prepping your valuables before placing them in storage is researching optimal storage conditions for each.

Discover the Different Levels of Security

When you think of storage units, you likely think of the four walls of concrete. However, there are several types of storage units, many of which offer different levels of security. Depending on the type of valuables you intend on storing, you may want to consider opting for more-secure alternatives to the traditional storage unit, such as vault storage.

Taking the necessary precautions will ensure the safety of your possessions. Making arrangements, preparing your things, and choosing an ideal storage location will give you peace of mind.