How to plan your next move

How to plan your next move

Whether you decided to sell your home because you wanted to or needed to, once the decision has been made you will have two areas that you should concentrate on in order to make certain that the move to your brand new home goes as smoothly as possible: packing and finding a new home.

Packing can be extremely exhausting and strenuous.  On the plus side you are likely to realize that you no longer need or want many of your possessions and this is a very good time to have a garage sale, resulting in more cash in your pocket as well as less to pack and move.  The key to making packing as easy as you can is to do some every day and try to be consistent.

It is best to start looking for a new home to move to right away, whether you intend to rent or buy an existing or brand new home.  Starting as early as you can gives you the opportunity to see the kind of homes that are on the market in the area of your choice and in your price range.  If your home ends up selling quickly, this will also give you a jump start.  It is not impossible that your home could be sold in just a couple of weeks or even days.

One method of looking for a new home is to get the realtor in charge of selling your home to look for another one for you, while the internet and printed media are other good search methods.

Jon Huser