How to plan a move

How to plan a move

It is hard enough to try to keep a home in the best condition, never mind when you are faced with making a move.  Maintaining order through the relocation process while keeping a home in a liveable condition is something that can be a very challenging experience.

One of the best tips for staying organized during a move is to purge your home of possessions that you no longer need or want.  This is a good thing to do even if you are not moving, but when relocation is on the cards it is essential and is the first thing that should be done before you begin moving things or packing boxes.  Getting rid of old books, toys and furniture can be a difficult process, but lightening the load in this way will speed up the relocation process and allow you to start anew.

Another important tip is to put labels on everything.  Buying a label maker is a good investment at this time, as during the move you will have to put away every family treasure, utensil and collectible that you own and you will need to be very meticulous when it comes to identifying which box contains which items.  A master list can also assist you with tracking the contents of each box.

Relocation can be an overwhelming experience, and the best idea is to start small.  Pack non-essential items that you can live without for couple of weeks or months to begin with, and schedule a couple of hours per day in which you can sort, purge and pack your belongings.

Jon Huser