How to pack tools for your move

How to pack tools for your move

Of all the packing that has to be done when moving, packing tools can be amongst the trickiest of endeavors because of their weight and shape, not to mention their occasional sharpness – ouch!  The good news is that there are a few tips that can be followed in order to make packing tools less of an ordeal.

To begin with, you will need a number of items including a small- or medium-sized moving box, newspaper or packing paper, packing tape, a marker pen, plastic movers wrap and, of course, your tools themselves.

Before you commence with the packing, it is a good idea to get a workstation set up.  This makes the whole process a lot quicker and a lot less complicated.  Set out your packing tape, newspaper or packing paper, moving box and plastic movers wrap on a table.

If you have a toolbox or boxes that are filled with tools and you would prefer to be able to move them as they are, just use the plastic movers wrap in order to wrap them securely.  This will stop them from being spilled during the move and save you an awful lot of both time and energy, given that toolboxes are tough enough to protect your tools already.

Bigger tools that you can’t or don’t want to shift in a toolbox should be sorted according to shape and size and then wrapped together in plastic wrap.  The resultant piles can be put in moving boxes lined with packing paper and the boxes marked accordingly.

Lance Grooms