How to pack those expensive crystal pieces in your …

How to pack those expensive crystal pieces in your …

Packing valuable and fragile crystal pieces should be done with proper preparation and the right tools to prevent potential damage or loss. Being ill prepared and feeling rushed when having to pack up irreplaceable crystal or family heirlooms is stressful. Having a solid plan is key to keeping your things safe during transport and storage.

Supplies and Tools

You will need to ensure that there is ample time to pack and that plans are made in advance. This way you are not just tossing items in a box at the last minute. Taking your time and planning ahead is the best way to ensure your priceless and valuable pieces make it from point A to B. You can also opt to hire professional and affordable packers from Bekins Moving Solutions if this particular task seems daunting. Often seeking professional help is your safest bet when dealing with fragile pieces.

If you decide to pack on your own, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper tools on hand to facilitate packing. Getting your things ready for storage is easy with the following supplies at your disposal:

• Cardboard boxes of various sizes
• Packing paper
• Bubble wrap
• Paper or plastic packing tape

Investing in quality materials is one of the most important ways of protecting your priceless crystal. Skimping out, especially when it comes to preparing valuable possessions for storage or moving, will cause unnecessary frustration and disappointment. Doing things correctly from the get go is crucial. Collect a variety of sturdy cardboard boxes in different sizes because chances are that your valuables aren’t all the same size, so different shaped boxes might be more ideal to protect different sized pieces. You will also need packing paper to wrap your collectibles in as well as bubble wrap for pieces that are particularly fragile. Bubble wrap can come in a variety of sizes, so read all packaging to make sure the one you select is appropriate for the job at hand. Finally, sealing your boxes with quality packing tape that is strong and resilient will keep everything safely inside. You can choose either traditional plastic packing tape or fiberglass reinforced paper tape. There is little worse than putting in the effort and carefully wrapping each piece to have it all crash out of the bottom of a poorly taped box.

Packing Your Valuables for Storage

Crystal is delicate and each piece should be wrapped individually in either packing paper or bubble wrap, depending on how fragile the piece is. They should then be placed in a box that is lined with crumpled up packing paper on the bottom and all sides. Do not over pack the box with multiple pieces if they are particularly heavy-the more that can shift around in the box, the greater for potential damage. If you are packing multiple items per box, make sure the heaviest are at the bottom. Add layers of packing paper or bubble wrap between all pieces and try to fill any empty spaces with paper to prevent any kind of movement.

Everything inside the box should fit snugly, but shouldn’t be wedged in. If the box happened to move, items that are tightly packed together will have a greater chance of breaking. It is better to pack less items in a box with more bubble wrap or paper to keep them padded and secure.

Once all of your valuables are packed, and taped shut, make sure the boxes are clearly labeled as fragile, especially if you have hired movers. This way they will know which boxes contain valuables and need to be handled delicately.

At the end of the day, these are your priceless valuables-and if the task seems overwhelming it is always a wise choice to seek out professionals that can assist in this crucial task. Bekins Moving Solutions is a professional, and stress-free option that can help you with any moving service, no matter the size or complexity.