How to pack the kitchen

How to pack the kitchen

I have to say that it is a good idea prior to moving to pick the belongings that you will be taking with you and remove those that you are not.  Make certain that you have set aside places for the items that you do not intend to take with you, and make sure that you are not moving things that most definitely should not be packed.  Go through every drawer and cupboard and be extremely selective.  Some items could be donated to food banks, shelters, given to friends, or possibly even sold at a garage sale.

The next step in kitchen relocation is to prepare a box for essentials.  Put aside all of the items which you will require for the last couple of days in your current home, such as cutlery, dishes, appliances such as the toaster and the coffee maker, cleaner, soap, dish towel, dish cloth and food items.

The next step is to get a hold of packing materials for your kitchen move, such as a minimum of five big boxes for the average kitchen for items such as small appliances, dish racks, baking tins and plastic kitchenware; ten medium sized boxes for heavier small appliances and items from the pantry, as well as pots and pans, cookbooks, the content of drawers and silverware; and five heavy duty boxes for fragile items such as glasses, stemware, plates, wine and canisters.

Also needed are plenty of bubble wrap, packing and sealing tape, and between five and ten cell kits for packing vases, canisters, figurines, wine and liquor bottles, stemware and glasses.

Lance Grooms