How to Pack Figurines

How to Pack Figurines

Figurines are not easy items to pack properly, mainly because they are usually ceramic and easily breakable; however, there are a few tips that you can follow to make the process easier.

Figurines often have small pieces that could easily break off; for example, a figurine of a person could feature arms that stand away from the main figure that are more at risk when the figurine is being moved around. The first step in packing figurines for a house move is to wrap them using tissue paper or paper towels.

The next stage is to pack the wrapped figurines carefully in a box with newspaper – the more cushioning your figurines have, the better. Bubble wrap is a popular choice for packing items that could be easily broken, and you can line your boxes with tissue paper or shredded paper to provide additional padding.

Packing lots of these items together is not generally a good idea. If you have a set of figurines, pack them together in a relatively small box and avoid putting these in with other items such as books. Fill any gaps in the box with the right padding and ensure that nothing can move around, as this adds to the risk of broken items when you are moving house.

Your moving company may have specialists who can deal with this packing for you. Ask about this service when you are planning your move to see whether you can take advantage of the company’s expertise.