How to organize a storage facility

Storing additional items can become necessary if you no longer have the room to put them in your own property.  Storage facilities tend to vary in size from 25 square feet to as much as 300 square feet, and if you make the decision to rent one then you will need to get the maximum usage out of the space you choose.  This will not only mean that you can get more in but also make it easier to find your possessions should you require them. Items that you rarely have a need for should be put at the back of the storage facility, while belongings that you are likely to need more frequently should be positioned nearer to the front. 

The great majority of your belongings should be stored on the sides of the storage facility, with as much space left open in the middle as you can in order to enable easy entry and access when you go to retrieve your possessions. Boxes should be labeled and grouped together depending on their contents.  All boxes that are filled with kitchenware should be placed in one section, for example, with all boxes featuring clothes placed in another.

Sketch a basic guide that lays out the manner in which you have organized your storage facility.  This will give you a quick reference in later months before going to retrieve any of your possessions, and will save you both energy and time when trying to locate your belongings.

Jon Huser