How to move

Moving home can be akin to getting married, with lots of build-up towards the big day.  The good news is that as long as you have chosen the right people to help you and you have completed due diligence, things have a tendency to work out for the best; nonetheless, there are also a number of expert tips that can help to keep the relocation relatively calm and easy.

You should start by researching moving companies as soon as you can – up to six weeks before the move if at all possible.  You will need at least three separate quotes from different companies to make sure that you select the best option.  Whichever moving company you use, make sure that you have checked out its reputation online and with the Better Business Bureau.

Every item that you move with you to your new home means more to transport and more to store, and ends up meaning that you need a larger space than might otherwise be the case.  To get organized you should begin by pulling everything out and putting back only those items that you love or make use of.  Items can be placed in different piles: to keep, to donate, or to throw out.  You should try not to make a ‘maybe’ pile.  If you are thinking of moving but it will be some time yet, one tip you could try is to put all your clothes hangers backwards inside your closet; if they still remain in this position six months later, it is time to get rid of some of your items.

Boxes should be bought or borrowed, and packing should commence as soon as possible.  Packing should begin in the room in the house that receives the least use, with the kitchen left until last.  If you are making a local move and the home that you intend to relocate to will be vacant, it is a good idea to begin moving small items in straight away.  Soft furnishings and clothes can be moved ahead of time in order to save valuable time on the actual day of the move.  Compile a box full of items for use on your first night in your new home, including such items as remote controls, scissors, favorite toys, medications, toiletries, packing tape and cleaning items, and make sure that the box is stored somewhere safe.

Drawers and cupboards should be taped closed once they have been emptied.  Your booking should also be confirmed – double check with your moving company to make sure that it is ready for moving day and check that utilities such as gas, water and electricity will all be available on the first day in your new home.  On moving day itself the refrigerator should be unplugged early so that gases can settle before the item is lifted.  All appliances should be unplugged, and winding up and securing each cord will save time and money.  The more that you are able to get done by yourself, the more cash you will save.