How to move without traumatizing your pet

How to move without traumatizing your pet

Moving is a stressful experience for anyone, but the reality is that it can be just as – if not more – stressful for the family pet, who after all does not understand what is happening, or why, and can thus be terrified as a result.

The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to try to make it a smoother process for your beloved animal.  Making sure that you have found a neighborhood that will be good for your pet is one thing.  If you have a dog, you should make sure that the neighborhood to which you intend to move will be somewhere you can talk it for a walk without being set upon by other dogs that may be aggressive and/or regularly left unsupervised.

You also need to take into account just how your pet will be affected by your new living space.  While a lot of square footage may not be necessary for a pet cat, they still require vertical space that they can climb, while if you have a dog that is older or has medical problems then a move into an apartment with a lot of stairs is probably not a good idea.

Another good tip is to avoid packing all of your things at once.  Pets, and particularly cats, do not like change.  If you bring in some boxes in advance, this will allow your pet time to get used to their presence.

Lance Grooms