How to move without causing yourself too much stre …

How to move without causing yourself too much stre …

If you are planning to make a move at some point in the not too distant future, there are a number of excellent suggestions that can be a great help in making sure that the move occurs without the stress pushing you into meltdown.

Planning ahead is of vital importance when it comes to relocation.  Ideally you should begin planning the move at least six weeks in advance, not least so that you will have plenty of time to declutter your home and pack up the contents of every room.  You will also need to pick what kind of moving services you wish to use.  Such services can include a professional moving company that will not only move all your household objects to your new abode but also pack them and then unpack them at either end.

If your items cross state lines then this is generally considered to be an interstate move and will be subject to government regulations.  The cost of such a move is generally calculated by using a mixture of distance and weight, which is much the same way that long-distance moves are assessed.  Standard local moves are usually assessed per worker and by the hour.  There are some wide state-by-state variations with regard to what is judged to be a local move and what the regulations are for local movers.  One way of reducing moving costs is to avoid moving during busy periods such as the summer or the start and end of the month.

The costs that your relocation will incur are a reflection of the service level you have decided upon and the kind of move you are making.  Renting a truck and handling the move yourself could cost you a little but along with that comes some major differences and sacrifices as compared to a full-service move; this means a lot more work for you.  A full service move across town handled by a professional moving company is likely to cost you by the amount of movers and the amount of hours.  A move across state lines is charged by the weight and mileage.

You also need to keep an eye out for the warning signs of a moving scam.  The moving industry unfortunately includes some rogue companies that are not to be trusted, but fortunately there are ways to weed out these fraudulent entities.  Be wary of companies that are unwilling to come to your home to give you an estimate, do not have a local address, demand money or a high deposit prior to the move, and lack registration or insurance details.  Visiting your home allows a moving company to give you a more accurate estimate of the costs involved in a move, and any legitimate firm will be more than happy to fulfill this obligation.  It is important to do some research on any moving company you are thinking of using, so check out websites that list licensed movers, check for proper licensing and read consumer reviews.