How to move with children

How to move with children

When it comes to stress levels, moving house is right up there with divorce and death.  Children who are old enough to be able to identify with their own space, and their bedroom in particular, have trouble with the idea of calling somewhere else their own.  Add to this the fact that many children might believe that they will have to also leave behind their personal belongings as well, and parents can have some very stressed children on their hands if they handle the situation incorrectly.

It is important to stay positive.  Perhaps you are upsizing your home, having to relocate due to a promotion or transfer at work, or simply making a move to a better area. While this can be exciting, children – depending on their age – can have mixed feelings about the transition, especially with regard to having to leave their friends in the neighborhood or from school.

Parents should explain what is happening at every step of the way, including why you are moving, where you are moving to, and how your children can help.  Make sure to use age-appropriate language and be willing to listen if your children want to talk about how they feel about the move.

Involve your children in the move by taking them with you while you are looking for a new house.  Once you have located your dream home, allow them to talk about how their possessions will fit into their new bedroom and how they might decorate it.

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