How to move with a toddler

How to move with a toddler

Moving is a complicated process at the best of times, and it can be even more complex for families with a young toddler in the house.  A lot of planning and time is needed to make sure that the settling in period goes as smoothly as possible, and there are a few tips that can make everything a lot easier.

One good tip is to plan meals and snacks accordingly.  When adults move they often tend to rely on takeout and cereal for a while as they wait for the dust to settle around the move, but this is inadvisable with a toddler in the house.  The week before relocation, make sure that you stock up on items such as dried fruit, fruit pouches, frozen vegetables and individual applesauce so that you have plenty of fresh, healthy options to choose for your toddler that do not entail lots of dirty dishes or cooking.

Another good tip is to celebrate the fact that you are going to be making a move as a family.  On the day you are given the keys, get some takeout and have an impromptu picnic on the floor of your new home and then go through each room with your toddler and have fun imagining how it will look with your possessions.

Taking plenty of breaks is another valuable piece of advice.  Moving is a lot of work and often very stressful for adults; children also feel the strain in their own way.  Taking a break now and then allows everyone to be able to decompress.