How to move to the United Kingdom

How to move to the United Kingdom

There are a number of factors that people who are thinking of moving to the United Kingdom need to take into consideration, and there are a number of helpful tips that will hopefully be able to assist you in taking some of the uncertainty and confusion out of the experience.

It is no simple matter to organize a move to the United Kingdom, particularly when it comes to the process of immigration and the need to organize the right visa.  There are also many other issues that will need to be attended to, such as setting up a bank account, knowing which government agencies in Britain you will have to deal with, finding an appropriate and affordable place to live, finding a job, working out what the cost of living is there and how the education system works, coping with the infamous British weather, and even comprehending some of the finer nuances of the language in the United Kingdom, which include many colloquialisms and expressions that can be quite puzzling to even an English-speaking foreigner.  In spite of all of these complications, however, there is no doubt that the United Kingdom remains a very attractive destination for relocation, for a number of reasons.

One of the reasons why people might want to move to the United Kingdom is simple economics.   Great Britain boasts the fourth largest economy in the entire world and has low taxes, a low inflation rate, and a strong currency.  The UK is also a very multi-cultural society that is noticeably tolerant of diverse lifestyles and even has a relatively low crime rate in comparison with many other countries.  Britain is also a great place to go for people who are into culture, offering innumerable historical activities and cultural sites throughout the year.  It is also very easy and cheap to travel to the United Kingdom, with its location also making it simple to go to all the countries in Europe from there on a low budget.

Work is also attractive in Great Britain, with employees generally enjoying good salaries, statutory maternity and paternity benefits, 12 public holidays, and ample leave.  More than 90% of children attend free state schools, with all residents of the UK having access to world class universities and other education facilities and free healthcare, with a generous welfare system in place for those who need it.

Before you make a move you should still do a bit more research about Britain.  Find out a few basic facts such as the weather patterns in the country, currency, voltage, measurements, public holidays, affordable housing, and the strength of the local job market.  You will need to get a visa, and if the country you come from is not a member of the European Union then you will need a work visa, working holidaymaker visa, highly-skilled immigrant visa, marriage visa, or visitor visa.   Pets from some countries can enter the UK without going into quarantine, but must be vaccinated against rabies, blood-tested, micro-chipped, and meet anti-tick and anti-worm requirements.