How to move plants in a warm climate

How to move plants in a warm climate

People who live in an area that has a warm climate have a tendency to have plants in their offices or homes; however, many people fail to consider when moving that these plants are often very fragile, difficult to pack and oddly shaped, and therefore require special care.  The good news is that there are a few tips to ensure they get just that.

Three weeks prior to the day of the move, pot plants should be re-potted into unbreakable plastic pots.  These pots should be the same size in order to avoid causing harm to the plants.  Two weeks before the day of the move, bigger plants should be pruned to ensure that they are nice and compact for easier transport and handling.  Pruning also helps plants to stay attractive, bushy and healthy.  Ferns and succulents should not be pruned.

One week prior to relocation, plants should be watered in their normal manner; however, you should make sure that you do not over-water them, as too much water causes plants to grow fungus in warm weather or to freeze if the weather is cold.

On the day of the move you should pack your pot plants first thing in the morning.  Large plants should be wrapped with tissue paper or an old bed sheet to stop branches from getting broken.  Each pot should be placed in a box so that it fits in the bottom very snugly, with air-holes punched into the sides.