How to move on a budget

Making a move to a brand new home can be tremendously exciting, but it can also have a decidedly adverse affect on your wallet.  Several decisions will have to be made, and each one needs careful consideration in order to assess how your budget and your timeline will be affected. One good tip is to start collecting boxes for your impending move as soon as you can possibly can.  This does not mean that you have to spend money on them, however, as you can make use of your social media network in order to ask friends if they have any extra boxes you could use.  You can also try to get some from your local grocery store, restaurant or your workplace.  Free boxes are even sometimes advertised on online sales sites such as craigslist. 

Making the effort to get plenty of boxes prior to your relocation can save you a surprising amount of money. You should also make certain that you have finished packing prior to the day of the move.  If you have hired professional movers and they show up to find that you have not finished packing, expect to pay more due to the fact that the loading process will end up taking a lot longer than it would if everything was already packed and ready to go. If you can arrange to have your cable, internet and utilities all set up in the new place before you move, do so and budget accordingly.