How to move office furniture

How to move office furniture

Coordinating the moving of an office can be a stressful endeavor; however, with careful planning, time and attention to detail, office relocation can be achieved with cost, accidents and stress kept to a minimum.

A successful plan to move an office includes taking into consideration the packing of office furniture for the relocation to the new site in an efficient, safe and quick manner, which means that everyone and everything gets there both on time and intact.  The more time that you spend planning for the relocation now means that your business will suffer less downtime in the future when you move.

Filing cabinets should be emptied and the papers and files that are within should be placed in a box.  This results in the filing cabinets being a lot easier to carry, as they will be a lot less heavy.  Once everything has been removed from the filing cabinets they should be taped up so that they cannot open during the move.

Desk drawers should likewise be emptied and the contents placed in manila folders and boxes.  You should make absolutely certain that fragile items have been wrapped in packing peanuts and packaging paper before the items are stored in bags or boxes.  Once everything has been taken out of the desk drawers, they too should be taped up to prevent them from opening while being moved.

If possible, chairs should be stacked on top of each other, or at least put together, in order to try to make the most from the space in the van of your moving company.

Jon Huser