How to move musical instruments

Moving can be an extra stressful experience for singers and musicians, particularly when it comes to the relocation of their musical instruments.  These are items that have an enormous market value, and many are invaluable and unique.  Many also have great sentimental value for their owners. 

All artists will be concerned for the integrity of their instruments, and the good news is that these worries can be eased with the help of a professional moving company. There is an increased risk when moving musical instruments, which have to be treated with maximum caution. 

Musical instruments are normally very fragile and any kind of collision or bump can damage the surface or even the internal mechanisms.  Pianos, for example, offer intricate mechanisms and can be rendered completely useless by a collision.  While pianos can be very heavy, they are also extremely fragile and need to be given an extra level of protection. This means that the best thing to do when it comes to the relocation of such an instrument is to call for a moving expert in musical instruments. 

Many professional movers specialize in moving musical instruments and come with a number of crucial benefits.  There are pieces of equipment that professional movers use that have been specifically designed to keep various instruments safe and protect the internal mechanics.  Expensive pianos simply cannot be placed in ordinary containers.  Many instruments, however, will come with hard cases and will need no other containers or packing.

Jon Huser