How to move into a retirement community

How to move into a retirement community

Once you have made a definite decision about what you are searching for in a retirement community, you need to gather together a list of those communities that would satisfy your wants and needs.  It is a good idea to enlist the help of your family in order to assist with your research and begin aligning that wish list with your actual budget.

Choose between three and five communities in order to offer variety but also make sure that the process of site visits remains manageable.  Touring the facility is a great method to see what is on offer were you to move into a particular community, but in reality it is just the beginning.  As well as taking a look at the units and grounds, registering for a class or going to an event or lecture in order to get into the swing of community life is recommended.

Even the simple things such as using the community’s transport system or eating lunch on site can tell you a great deal about living there.  The more you can visualize what life would be like if you were to move there, the more confidence you will feel about the decision you reach.

After site visits, the next step is to stay overnight – or even longer – in place that you are interested in the most.  This gives you plenty of time to connect with the residents and discuss their experiences of living there.

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