How to Move into a Retirement Community

How to Move into a Retirement Community

If you are about to move into a retirement community, there are a number of important things that you will need to do before and after the move. Before the move you need to check all of your paperwork and make certain that all costs have been paid and all forms completed; you should also ensure that you have receipts and copies.

You also need to make two lists.  One list should be for items that you absolutely have to take with you when you move into your retirement community, while the other should be for items that you would like to take.  The ‘must take’ list should include those items that are vital to a comfortable life, while the ‘want to take’ list should include items that have decorative, emotional or other valuable yet non-essential qualities.

You can then measure the rooms in the home that you are leaving and pick the pieces of furniture that will fit best in that area.  It is also a good idea to take photographs of all the rooms before you start to pack so that when you unpack after the relocation you already have a basic guide for how to replicate your original home.

Set small goals to begin with.  Pack the goods in just one room at a time and finish that room before you move onto the next.  This method both makes sure that you will not miss any important items and provides you with a sense of making progress.

When it comes time to have the professionals come in.