How to move into a dorm

How to move into a dorm

Making a move into a dorm can be a very exciting experience for college freshmen.  It is most likely to be their first experience of independent living and being away from home.  Nervousness and uncertainty may also be prominent emotions at such a time, which is why it is a good idea to have some invaluable tips to follow.

Before the move, and even prior to packing for it, you need to learn everything that you possibly can about your new dorm.  You will most likely get an information packet from your college, and information may also be accessible on the college website.  You might even want to try to check out the Facebook pages or web forums for your college or to email the college directly.

There are likely to be a number of things that are not allowed in your dorm; therefore, you should double-check with your college before you move.  You will most likely be provided with a bed, desk, chair and mattress, but will probably have to take your own pillows and sheets.  The great majority of beds in dorm rooms are either single or extra long; therefore, you need to check the length of your bed prior to bringing sheets from home or buying new ones.

Storage space is one thing that may be lacking in your dorm; therefore, you should not take too many items with you from home until you have checked out the situation.  Racks or hooks on walls can be one solution to a lack of storage space. Also, if you have a roommate, be sure to communicate with he/she to ensure you both do not bring the same items.  Space will be very important.