How to move house plants

How to move house plants

Plants can be very sensitive and can get every bit as stressed by a move to a new home as your pet cat or dog.  This is particularly the case if the relocation sees your plants forced to spend a good deal of time inside a vehicle without temperature control.

There are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration when you decide to move a plant.  The first thing you need to find out if you are moving to a completely new area is whether you are legally allowed to do so; if you are, you should ensure that the plant is kept moist and that a reasonable temperature is maintained in the vehicle.

The great majority of indoor house plants will not be able to survive in temperatures that are less than 30ºF for over an hour, especially if they have not been wrapped.  If you are making a long distance move then you should pack your plants in cartons and do your best to ensure they are moved in a heated vehicle and that they are not left overnight in an unheated car.

Plants can generally survive for up to ten days without water if they are moist enough when packed.  Plants in clay or ceramic pots will be heavy and breakable; therefore, the best solution is to transfer them into plastic pots a fee weeks prior to the move to give them time to adjust.

Professional Movers are unable to move live plants due to liability.  Be sure once again that you consult a legal entity prior to your move to ensure you’re able to transport the type of plant you wish to move.