How to move heavy furniture

When you are moving your items, you must give special consideration to your furniture.  This is due to the fact that it is considerably heavier than most other items, and certain conditions will be required for transporting it.  

It is very difficult for a single person to move furniture, as it involves a great deal of tiring physical effort. There are certain things that you should be aware of before you attempt to move heavy furniture.  One of the most important points is that you make use of the tools and pieces of equipment that have been specially designed for this exact purpose. 

As already noted, it is very tiring to move furniture, plus its sheer weight can end up causing mistakes to be made, sometimes with serious consequences. Cranes and lifting gears can perform this job a lot more easily and better than you can.  With their assistance you will be able to lift bath tubs, closets and fridges.  Of course, not everybody has easy access to these items of equipment, so you need to either purchase them or get the assistance of someone who has them already. (Not everyone needs to go to this extreme either.)

Furniture should be disassembled into smaller pieces wherever possible.  This makes it a lot easier to handle, not to mention to move, and will make things a lot less tiring.  You should never forget to clearly label all the boxes into which the various pieces have been placed so that you can work out where they are later on without too much difficulty.

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