How to move electronics

How to move electronics

Electronic equipment is both expensive and fragile due to its delicate displays and intricate circuitry.  Such items need to be packed with the utmost care, and special conditions for the relocation should be provided.  The good news is that there are some helpful tips that can help you to move your electronic items safely.

One good tip is to follow the precise instructions provided in the user guide or manufacturer’s guide with regard to moving.  The great majority of these guides will include valuable information about the correct method for dismantling the device, if this is recommended or even possible, and the best materials to use.  The manufacturer’s website is likely to have an online version of the guide if you have lost the original.  If the device in question has an ink or toner cartridge, take the cartridge out and place it in a sealable bag.  USB sticks, DVDs, CDs and any other data storage devices or items of physical media should be removed from the device and stored in separate boxes with proper protection.

If you do not have the original packing equipment and box for the item, electronic specialty boxes can be purchased online from the original manufacturer or from a professional moving company.  Double-walled boxes can be used as an alternative.

All cables should be unplugged very carefully in order to avoid damage.  The cables can then be safely secured for the move by using twist ties.