How to move an office

How to move an office

Moving an office can be a massively daunting and complicated undertaking, which may require the assistance of numerous colleagues.  A moving company, or at least professional packers, is also likely to be needed.  The key to a truly successful office move, however, is to be able to construct a number of alliances that will be able to help coordinate and motivate the remainder of the office staff.

The first basic step to take in planning an office move is to plan it out.  Draw up a time line that will cater for each and every one of the required steps.  This time line will then need to be discussed with managers, supervisors and the rest of your moving team in order to make sure that it is possible to achieve.  If you are moving a small office, you will need a minimum of three months in which to prepare; for a midsize to large office, you will most likely require somewhere between six and eight months.  The important thing is to begin as soon as possible.

The next crucial step is to collect all of the information you can about the new office.  If you can acquire floor layouts or blueprints, this means that you will be able to identify vital components such as storage space, electrical outlets and so on. Most importantly, you will also be able to determine the brand new office layout.

Another good idea is to be in possession of a general layout plan for your existing space to allow you to be able to compare the two.

Gene Salaz