How to move an office

How to move an office

Gathering a team together is a very important part of moving an office, particularly if it is a medium-sized or large office.  A team can help to identify problems with the space that you currently inhabit and offer up potential solutions for them with the new space that you are to move to.  This is an excellent method of being able to incorporate several different points of view and ultimately achieve a consensus on the relocation, as there may be a few staff members who are not necessarily overjoyed about the shift.

Having regular meetings is also important.  Set regular meetings in your schedule and make certain that employees have been informed about the details of the meetings.  It is vital to make sure that everyone is kept up to date in order to reduce any concerns or worries.  Moving is always stressful for everyone who is involved, particularly if there is a failure to communicate decisions to all concerned.

You should also determine your budget.  If you have a particular budget for the shift, it is necessary to identify costs prior to hiring movers and maybe even before you begin packing.

Assigning tasks is another important step.  Have a list of tasks that need to be completed created by your moving committee and be certain that they are added to the schedule or timeline.  Specialty service providers, such as computer network specialists or telephone line installers, may be required. It is important to make certain that common areas, such as the lobby, reception and storage areas, are covered.

Gene Salaz