How to move a wardrobe

How to move a wardrobe

If you have ever tried to move a wardrobe by yourself, you will be aware of just how complicated and difficult a task it can actually be.  Moving bulky and large items is not just stressful and tiring but can also be potentially hazardous, as making even the smallest error can result in damage to your possessions or injury to your person.

The best method of relocation for such a bulky and heavy item of furniture in a successful manner is to have a comprehensive overview of the precautions and warnings for such an endeavor.  You will also need to have a good plan as to how to move it.  It can be time consuming, tiresome and laborious to move a wardrobe, and the best plan would be to hire professional movers; however, if this is not acceptable, there are a few tips to aid you in this challenge.

The first step is to eliminate as much of the weight of the wardrobe as is possible.  A lot of different items can fit inside a wardrobe, but all of its contents should be emptied out before you attempt to move it.

If your wardrobe comes with drawers or shelves then they too need to be removed prior to relocation.  This should not be left until the last minute, as these items will also need to be packed safely to avoid them becoming damaged or scratched during the move.  Use foamed plastic pieces or bubble wrap to protect the wardrobe before you move it, and use a trolley or dolly if it is still too heavy to be carried by hand.