How to move a sofa

How to move a sofa

Moving heavy and large possessions is never regarded as being a simple endeavor, and you will need both assistance and a good plan to be able to do so.  Luckily there are a few helpful suggestions to assist you when the time comes to move your sofa or couch.

Flexible solutions and a fast pace are vital to the lifestyle of today, and the best way to move a sofa is to hire professional movers to do the job for you; however, if this is not possible then you will need to follow the tips below in order to make the relocation as stress free as possible and to ensure that nothing will go wrong and the sofa will not be damaged.

The biggest challenge when making a move with a sofa is not to tear the fabric and to make sure that it stays clean.  This can be rather difficult, especially if there are narrow doors or hallways that will have to be traversed in order to get the sofa to its new home.  The sofa should be packed up with plenty of tissue paper, or preferably moving blankets, so that its surfaces are protected against damage and dirt.

Packing materials should be kept in place by the judicious use of moving tape.  Don’t forget to remove the cushions from the sofa, as well as the legs if possible.  If the sofa will need to be hauled across a floor then the use of sliders is recommended, and the floor should be cleaned beforehand to cut down on friction.