How to move a projection set

How to move a projection set

Moving a projection set is not as complicated a process as you might initially think, as long as you have performed an adequate level of preparation and are aware of how to avoid any difficulties.  Relocation is not just a tiring and demanding process but can also become quite risky when the items being moved are fragile and precious, and it can quickly become even more complicated when the items are bulky and heavy.

This means that you should carefully and thoroughly plan out the move of a projection set.  A complete projection set or projection televisions are becoming more and more popular and mainstream; if you are about to relocate to a new home and want to move your projection set without the assistance of a professional moving company, a few tips are in order.

Before you begin, the TV should be unplugged, with the cord taped to stop any damage.  If the projection set contains additional accessories that are removable then they should also be taken apart.  The primary issue is to make sure that the screen is protected from cracks or scratches during the move, and finding packaging that is similar to the original box it came in is the best idea.

The TV should then be padded with lots of tape and moving blankets.  For additional protection, place the television in a big box to further cut down on any possibility of damage.  Use plenty of packing materials to keep each piece separate from the others.

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