How to move a plasma TV

Although plasma televisions are by no means as fragile as some people might believe, you do still have to take into consideration a number of factors when it comes to moving one; these factors include the proper way to position, load and pack it.  Organization and safety are vital for both you and your television when you move, both for the monetary investment and to make sure that the process is as seamless and smooth as it can possibly be.

Before you pack your plasma TV for the move, think about how you are going to be able to get it out of your home to the moving van and where you are intending to put it in your new abode.  You should walk through the route you are to take and make sure that all obstructions, such as tables and chairs, have been removed.

Get someone to help you with the move so that you can do it both quickly and safely.  You also need to take into account how the other belongings that are being moved are going to fit into the truck so that you can choose the ideal placement for your television.  If you can, make sure that all the mounting hardware has been set up in your new home before you move the TV.

The first step to ensure that your plasma TV gets to your new home undamaged is proper packing.  All cables and any peripheral devices should be disconnected, the TV positioned upright on moving blankets, and the blankets wrapped around the TV and secured.