How to move a piano

How to move a piano

The wonderful music that can be produced by a pianist is one of the most pleasant things in the entire world.  A piano is an incredible instrument that can really resonate in our hearts and minds, and this is why it needs to be taken care of by its owner.

When it comes to relocation, the moving of a piano is something that cannot be handled by an amateur and will require professional assistance.  Pianos are something of a paradox, being both bulky and heavy but also surprisingly fragile and able to be rendered practically useless by just one collision.  The intricate internal mechanism that is able to make the piano sound so beautiful is also what makes it so fragile, with a single shock being more than enough to destroy some of its components.

You need to hire a professional moving company that has experience with the relocation of pianos.  Such a company can bring to the table logistical support and extensive knowledge.  Piano legs are very fragile indeed and the uprights of the piano carry nearly the whole load in the top half, meaning that special equipment will be required to make sure the move is completed successfully.

One of the first things that will be needed is strong, heavy duty straps to achieve a better hold on the piano, as well as a furniture dolly that is capable of carrying the whole weight of the instrument.